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Semi Truck Blind Spots Can Cause Accidents

Blind Spots cause a significant risk to road safety and can cause individuals to become victims of truck accidents.

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle that are invisible to the driver, even with mirrors. Large commercial trucks have blind spots substantially larger than those of passenger cars, creating zones where smaller vehicles can become invisible to the truck driver. Passenger car drivers, and for that matter, all drivers, should understand the existence of these blind spots to prevent accidents.

The Four Dangerous Zones

The four main blind spots around commercial trucks each pose unique dangers:

  • Front: The area directly in front of the truck, extending for several feet, is a critical blind spot. There cars can become completely unseen by the truck driver, increasing the risk of a wreck, especially during sudden stops or when trucks initiate movement from a stationary position.
  • Back: The blind spot behind the truck is another danger zone, where the driver cannot see vehicles too close to the rear. When trucks are backing up, or vehicles attempt to follow trucks too closely, unaware of the truck driver's limited rear view, accidents can happen.
  • Left Side: Along the left side of the truck, a blind spot exists that can extend the entire length of the truck. This area is particularly dangerous for vehicles attempting to pass a truck on the left, as they may be in a zone that the truck driver cannot easily monitor, leading to potential side-swipe accidents.
  • Right Side: The right-side blind spot is the largest and most hazardous, extending across multiple lanes. Vehicles driving on the right side of a truck are at significant risk of being in the truck driver's blind spot for an extended period, making it dangerous for trucks to change lanes to the right without realizing a smaller vehicle is there.

Preventative Measures and Legal Recourse

Clearly, drivers should avoid these blind spots whenever possible and exercise caution when passing or driving near large trucks. Signaling intentions well in advance and ensuring visibility to truck drivers are key strategies for safety.

Despite these precautions, accidents in truck blind spots still occur, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Our Indianapolis truck accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims of trucking accidents maximize the compensation they deserve. We believe that victims should not be stuck holding the bag for the medical bills, property damage, and lost wages resulting from blind spot accidents.

A Call for Awareness and Action

It is important to our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys to bring an increased awareness to all drivers about the dangers of truck blind spots. We call for enhanced training for truck drivers to navigate these blind spots safely and for other motorists to learn how to share the road more safely with large vehicles.

We are committed to offering expert legal support to those affected by blind spot accidents.

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