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When choosing a divorce attorney in Fishers people look for a lawyer who really cares, who is compassionate and understanding, who will treat them with respect and dignity, who is discreet and professional, and who has the strength required to protect their interests. They also want a Fishers divorce lawyer who is upfront and honest and who can accomplish the goal effectively.

Fishers divorce attorneys Jill and JR Emerson enjoy these talents and more. They are not only focused on resolving your current legal issue, they will refer you to services that may help you avoid future legal problems.

Fishers Divorce Attorneys Here To Help You

Divorce Lawyers

Sometimes love doesn't last.  Contact us to learn how to best protect what is important to you and your family.  Our family law attorneys will speak...

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How to Divide Retirement Benefits

Even if only one party earned retirement benefits during a marriage, both spouses are entitled to 50% of those earned benefits. To divide the...

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Child Custody

For many parents, child custody and parenting time problems create a great amount of unease. Basically in Indiana courts will resolve any dispute about child custody and parenting time according to the best interests of the children involved.

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Steps to a Divorce

The first step to filing divorce in Indiana is to make sure that you meet the residency requirements. In order to file in Indiana, at the time you file you...

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How to Divide Marital Property

Indiana law creates a presumption that each party to a marriage is entitled to 50% of the marital property. This presumption of a 50-50 split of

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Child Support

Child support comes with rights and responsibilities.  Normally the non-custodial parent pays the parent with primary physical custody a monthly amount which is more or less fixed by the Indiana Child Support Guidelines.

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High Conflict Divorce

Sometimes spouses, for whatever reason, just cannot get along throughout the divorce process. This is referred to as a high conflict divorce.  In...

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The Divorce Process in Indiana

Your next step is to file the appropriate documents with the correct court. The document filed with the court is called a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

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Spousal Maintenance

Indiana presumes that each spouse will work and support themselves after the marriage ends. The exception to this is where one spouse is disabled and cannot work. If this happens, the non-disabled spouse will typical pay the disabled spouse what...

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Fishers Divorce Attorneys Here To Help You

Can I ask an attorney questions concerning my situation over the phone?

Yes. Call 1-317-434-3136 to speak with a Fishers family law attorney today.

Do you provide in-person free consultations?

Just give us a call and we will schedule an in-person or Zoom FREE Initial Consultation. This does not require you to hire us.

Should I represent myself without a Fishers divorce lawyer?

You certainly can represent yourself, but you will have to comply will all of the rules of the court.  It can be quite daunting.

How long does it take to get divorced?

Indiana, has a mandatory 60 day waiting period.  If you and your spouse agree on all terms it can be done at the sixty day mark.  If you cannot agree, it will take much longer.

Do I have to move out of my home?

NO. Unless

(1) You have been ordered by the court, or
(2) You and your attorney have concluded that moving out makes sense in your situation.
Call JR Emerson before making the decision to move out of the marital home or any other important decision that will affect the outcome of your divorce and life ahead.

How will the Judge calculate Child Support?

Here is a link to a Child Support Calculator offered by the State of Indiana, child support calculator. Please use this only as an estimate. Attorney JR Emerson is ready to help you investigate the potential sources of reducing your child support obligation.

How is a legal Legal Separation different from a Divorce?

If you are Legally Separated, you are still married. There may be financial considerations which keep a couple from desiring a divorce. Perhaps, a spouse needs to remain on the health insurance plan. In Indiana a Legal Separation is only good for 1 year and must be renewed. Additionally, a Legal Separation DOES NOT require a 60 day waiting period. Divorce in Indiana does require a 60 day waiting, or cooling off, period. Once the Judge signs off on your divorce you are single.

Will the court really split our property in half?

Indiana has a “one pot” theory. This means that all property owned at the time of the divorce by the husband, wife, or both, is in the pot and subject to division. This includes assets and liabilities (so bills are included). However, this presumption can be overcome by showing the court that you owned the property in question prior to the marriage. There may be times where an unequal division would work in your favor. As such, it is important to investigate the financial and tax consequences of this division.

What will the judge look at to decide child custody?

Judges have broad discretion, meaning that they can look at lots of different things, in making custody decisions. However, the key term you will hear when a child is involved is “the best interest of the child.” In Indiana, it is generally in the best interest of the child to have continuing and regular contact with both parents. However, this decision is based on the facts of each individual case. If there is an issue of child custody, you should speak with a family law attorney in Fishers before any final decision is in place.

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As a former defense attorney for insurance companies, Jill Bracken-Emerson knows the tricks the other attorneys will likely utilize.  JR Emerson is the former Judge of the Whitestown Town Court.  Both Jill and JR are determined to provide the best legal counsel possible using unimpeachable tactics to achieve the best outcome for each client.

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