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Many people wrongly think that they can talk themselves out of a DUI arrest. Wrong! In my experience statements that you make will end up being used to prove your guilt. Do not volunteer any information. The police are TRAINED to get information from you.

Your Right To Remain Silent – Use It!

My experience has taught me that the officer WILL use a portion of what you say against you. The office will document your damning statement(s) in the police report and the office will testify in court as to what you said…..and they won’t testify to the good stuff you thought you said.

You Do Not Have To Answer The Officer’s Questions

You are not entitled to an attorney when you are pulled over for a traffic violation (or suspicion of DUI) which leaves you making life changing decisions on your own. The officer will probably ask if you have had anything to drink, where are you coming from, where are you going to, if you are willing to take a portable breath test, and to step out of the vehicle to take a few tests.

Types of Questions

It is not uncommon for police to use a standard set of questions in each DUI investigation. These questions will likely be asked of you during the “observation period” that must occur 20 minutes prior to administering a breath test at the police station. You want to answer because they seem like innocent enough questions. Do you have any injuries? What medications did you take today? How could these possibly hurt? Then more questions come. Were you driving? Where did you drink? How much did you drink? These questions are DESIGNED to help the prosecutor prosecute you for DUI. You are smart, you decide if you should really answer these questions. Remember, you have the right to remain silent.

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