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Today, potential clients rely upon online reviews. The Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct (ethical rules for attorneys) instruct lawyers on a number of subjects, including advertising. These rules state that even “truthful statements that are misleading are also prohibited by this Rule” and that a communication can violate the rule if it “contains a claim about a lawyer, made by a third party, that the lawyer could not personally make consistent with the requirements of this rule.” We cannot control what people say about us. It is for those reasons that Emerson Divorce and Accident Injury Attorneys, L.L.C. does not actively solicit reviews.

That said, below are reviews that have been posted online at various sites related to their experience with Emerson Divorce and Accident Injury Attorneys, L.L.C.

Reviews of Emerson Divorce and Accident Injury Attorneys, L.L.C.

Excellent lawyer and person!

I needed Mr. Emerson for a legal matter September of 2014. He put me at ease immediately during a very stressful situation. He was able to get a detective off my back almost immediately. JR was very concerned and always promptly returned my phone calls. A few months later I needed JR's services for my son. Again he was very professional yet concerned about my son and did everything he could do to make sure he had the best possible legal representation. He always returned my calls in a timely fashion. He is very reasonable in price but never did I feel I was not getting 100 percent for him looking out for my and my sons interests.

Never knew divorce could be so positive

Mr. Emerson has been a pleasure to work with. He was not only professional and diligent but he was timely and considerate. I normally don't leave review notes because I feel they're a bunch of compliments and BS but I felt compelled to share such a positive legal experience. Thanks Mr. Emerson!

Very Professional Attorney

JR was very responsive and understanding to my situation. He made a very difficult situation as peaceful as possible. I would recommend him to represent any of my friends or family members. His process was clearly displayed and executed in a timly mannor. I was most impressed with his availability. He would meet after normal business hours, ALWAYS answered his calls and emails promptly. I am a paralegal and have worked with several attorneys in the past and would highly recommend JR to anyone.

You can trust JR to get it done, and get it done right! Also, he is not in the business of overcharging you! Highly recommended!

JR is a problem solver, he works well with people and is very comfortable in court. For my particular situation, I did not need to go to court, but I have seen him before and was very impressed. He helped me understand the importance of dividing assets early and staying on the best terms possible in order for the separation to work. My ex and I are decent friends and JR made this a very easy thing for us. I hope you the same! Glad I chose JR, couldn't have imagined this going any smoother than this! Also, thanks for not charging me an arm and a leg! I really appreciate everything you have done for me!

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Wonderful guy! He was very helpful to me even though I am 2 states away and on a Saturday! Dedicated to his field of work no question.


If you want an attorney who listens and understands your situation, then JR is your guy. I am so happy that I went with Emerson Divorce and Accident Injury Attorneys, L.L.C., he made this process painless and quick. I highly recommend him and now know where to go if I have any issues in the future! He's the right guy to have on your side. THANKS JR! I can't believe this happened so quick.


Hands down the best attorney that I have ever worked with. I would recommend his services to anyone who is in need of an attorney.