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Recovering After Car or Truck Sideswipe Accident in Indianapolis, IN

Sharing the road with large trucks is a daily reality for drivers in Indianapolis. While accidents can occur in various forms, sideswipe collisions involving cars and trucks can be particularly dangerous. At Emerson Law, our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys understand the complexities of these accidents and the potential for serious injuries. This guide explores the unique dangers of car and truck sideswipe accidents, common causes, and how our legal expertise can help you recover the compensation you deserve after such an accident.

The Increased Risk of Sideswipe Collisions with Trucks

While sideswipe collisions can involve any two vehicles, the consequences are often more severe when a car is sideswiped by a large truck. Here's why:

  • Size and Weight Disparity: The significant weight and size difference between a car and a truck create a tremendous imbalance of force in a sideswipe collision. The impact on the car can be significant, causing extensive vehicle damage and serious injuries for occupants.

  • Underride Accidents and Override Accidents: In some cases, depending on the speed and angle of the impact, a car sideswiping a truck might get lodged underneath (underride) or be pushed over (override), leading to catastrophic consequences.

  • Loss of Vehicle Control: A sideswipe from a large truck can cause the car to spin out of control, increasing the risk of further collisions or rollovers.

Common Causes of Car and Truck Sideswipe Accidents

Several factors can contribute to car and truck sideswipe accidents on Indianapolis roadways:

  • Unsafe lane changes: Truck drivers might misjudge the space available or fail to check their blind spots before changing lanes, resulting in a sideswipe with a car in the next lane.

  • Distracted driving: Texting, eating, talking on the phone, or using a GPS while driving can divert attention from the road, making drivers unaware of vehicles beside them.

  • Drunk driving or Drugged driving: Driving under the influence: Impaired driving affects judgment and reaction time, increasing the risk of drivers drifting out of their lane and causing sideswipe collisions.

  • Drowsy driving: Fatigue can impair reaction time and awareness, similar to driving under the influence, and contribute to sideswipe crashes.

  • Traffic congestion: Heavy traffic can lead to drivers getting too close to each other, increasing the risk of sideswipes when changing lanes or merging.

Determining Fault in Sideswipe Collisions

Determining fault in a sideswipe collision depends on the specific circumstances of the accident. Here's a breakdown of potential scenarios:

  • Unsafe lane change by truck driver: If the truck driver initiates a lane change without checking their blind spots and sideswipes a car, they are typically considered at fault.

  • Car driver merging unsafely: If a car driver merges into another lane without yielding the right of way and causes a sideswipe with a truck, the car driver might be found at fault.

  • Shared fault: In some cases, both drivers might share some fault for the sideswipe collision. For example, if a car driver was speeding and a truck driver failed to check their blind spot before changing lanes, both parties might be partially responsible.

Maximizing Your Compensation After a Sideswipe Crash

Sideswipe collisions with large trucks can cause significant injuries and financial hardship. Here's a breakdown of the damages you might be entitled to recover:

  • Medical Expenses: Payment for past, present, and future medical bills incurred due to the accident.
  • Lost Wages: Reimbursement for the income you lost missing work while recovering from your injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering: Money for the emotional distress and physical pain you endure.
  • Property Damage: Repayment for repairs or replacement of your damaged vehicle.
  • Long-Term Care Needs: If your injuries require ongoing medical care or rehabilitation, compensation can be recovered for these future costs.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Sideswipe accidents involving large trucks can involve complex legal issues, especially when dealing with trucking company insurance companies. Having an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney on your side can make a significant difference in your case. Here's how Emerson Law can help:

  • Free Consultation: We offer a free consultation to discuss your accident and assess your legal options.
  • Investigating the Cause: Our attorneys work diligently to investigate and learn what caused the accident and identify the at-fault party. This may involve accident reconstruction experts to analyze the scene and determine how the sideswipe occurred.
  • Gathering Evidence: We gather evidence, including police reports, accident reports, accident scene photos, medical records, and witness statements which will be provided to the insurance company to show them why you deserve compensation.
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Our skilled attorneys negotiate aggressively with trucking company insurance companies to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Truck accidents often involve complex insurance coverage, and we have the experience to navigate these complexities effectively.
  • Understanding Indiana Law: We provide guidance on Indiana personal injury laws specific to sideswipe collisions and truck accidents, ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you deserve under state law.
  • Fighting for Maximum Compensation: We are prepared to take your case to court if necessary to fight for the full compensation you deserve for your lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and long-term care needs.

Don't Let a Sideswipe Set You Back

Sideswipe collisions with large trucks can be life-altering events. The physical, emotional, and financial injuries can leave you feeling overwhelmed. At Emerson Law, our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys will help you get the compensation you deserve after a sideswipe accident. We understand the complexities of these cases and are will work to hold negligent truck drivers and trucking companies accountable. Contact us our sideswipe accident lawyers today for a free consultation to discuss your case and take the first step towards recovery.

This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For specific legal counsel regarding your car and truck sideswipe accident case, contact an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney.

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