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Legal Representation After a Catastrophic Injury

If you or a loved one has suffered the catastrophic loss of a limb, we are here to help you. Losing a limb is one of the most devasting injuries one can suffer. You are forced to learn to walk, eat, write, or stand all over again. You are forced into months of rehabilitation. You may even suffer phantom pain from the lost limb.

You may not be able to return to work. You may have no choice but to seek disability.

Your whole life is affected. You may not be able to play sports or engage in your hobbies. You may gain weight because of your inactivity. You may have trouble playing with or picking up your children. The loss of a limb affects every aspect of your life. We are here to help you put your life back together.

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Causes of Amputations

Automobile accidents frequently result in amputation. Motorcycle riders and passengers are particularly vulnerable to accidents that result in amputation.

According to OSHA, “amputations are some of the most severe and debilitating workplace accidents.” They can happen in factories, construction sites, meat-cutting and sandwich shops, and anywhere else you find power saws and heavy equipment. In addition to contact with sharp objects, crushing and becoming trapped in machinery can also result in amputation. Many types of machines with moving parts pose a risk for amputation. These include drill presses, band saws, and roll-bending machines as well as vehicles such as forklifts.

Medical malpractice is another common cause of unnecessary amputations. If a doctor fails to address the signs of an infection in a timely manner, it can require amputation of the affected limb to save the patient’s life. Even a small wound that occurs due to a dog bite can ultimately result in an amputation, if the patient receives inadequate medical attention.

Types of Amputations

The most common type of accident-related amputation is the loss of one or more fingers. This is followed by loss of the entire hand. In fact, nearly one third of all workplace injuries involve hands. Categories of amputations Include:

  • Shoulder disarticulation: loss of the entire arm
  • Above-the-elbow amputation: removal of the lower arm
  • Wrist disarticulation: removal of the hand and wrist
  • Metacarpal amputation: removal of the hand without removing wrist
  • Partial hand amputation: removal of fingertips, fingers, or thumb
  • Hip disarticulation: removal of the entire leg up to the hip joint
  • Transtibial amputation: removal of the leg below the knee
  • Ankle disarticulation: removal of the foot at the ankle
  • Partial foot amputation: removal of one or more toes

Getting Legal Compensation for an Amputation

There are two essential steps that an attorney must complete in order to get you compensation for an amputation injury.

First, the attorney must determine who is liable – that is, legally responsible – to pay for the injury. In the case of a motor vehicle accident, this generally is the other driver.

If you are injured at work, your employer could bear legal responsibility. This is particularly true if it did not have adequate worker safety protocols. An employer can also be held liable for a workplace injury if the worker involved received inadequate training for a particular piece of equipment. In this case, you would seek recovery under Worker’s Compensation.

Lastly, doctors and hospitals, that fail to provide appropriate medical care can be held responsible if you suffer an amputation because of their negligence.

Second, the attorney must determine the amount of compensation that will fix the harms and losses that you have suffered. This includes your medical expenses, your lost wages, and your lost earning capacity if you cannot work anymore. It also includes the compensation to you for your pain and suffering and emotional distress caused by the amputation that you suffered. Making these calculations to obtain compensation for your injury is complicated and requires an experience personal injury attorney.

We Can Help with Your Indianapolis Amputation Case

Anyone who has suffered a limb loss due to the negligence of another person is facing considerable pain and trauma in addition to a long period of rehabilitation. You might even have to find a new job.

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