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Who is Liable in a Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident?

By Jill Bracken-Emerson on August 24, 2021

A high percentage of serious or fatal motorcycle accidents occur when a rider moves through an intersection and a vehicle turns left, hitting the motorcycle. The risk of serious injuries or loss of life is incredibly high. In such accidents, the motorcyclist, who is virtually unprotected even with a helmet or leather gear, is thrown onto the roadway and may suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Why Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents Are so Common

Driver negligence is a common reason motorcycles are hit by a vehicle turning left at an intersection. The types of driving behavior that leads to these dangerous or fatal collisions include:

  • Driver rushing the yellow or red light: A vehicle driver may choose to rush to turn on a yellow or red light, impacting a motorcyclist that is moving through the intersection.
  • Lack of awareness: Drivers may be utterly unaware of the motorcyclist due to the smaller profile of the bike and rider.
  • Reckless driving: Many drivers in Indianapolis engage in reckless driving behavior, often speeding, making unsafe lane changes, and other conduct that puts motorcyclists at risk of severe injury or death.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving is more common than ever, with vehicle operators on cell phones, whether talking or texting, with little attention on the road ahead.
  • Driver errors: Drivers make mistakes, and in these situations, it is sadly the motorcyclist who pays the price.
  • Drunk driving: When a driver has consumed alcohol or drugs, their awareness is significantly diminished, and they may make a left turn directly into a rider.

Whatever the reason, a driver who acts recklessly or negligently must be held accountable. With representation from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, a claim or lawsuit can be filed to seek compensation for all damages.

Injuries in Left-Hand Turn Accidents

The common types of life-changing injuries suffered by motorcyclists in these accidents are as follows:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Amputations
  • Loss of life

The Cost of Medical Care

The cost of medical care may range into hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few days in cases of serious injuries. Multiple surgeries, expensive testing, life-saving medical equipment, and other treatments will add up to an astronomical price. Should the motorcyclist survive the accident, they may be facing a future that is significantly changed, with disabilities, disfiguring injuries, amputations, or a family suffering the consequences of the death of a loved one.

Personal Losses

The damages extend far beyond the physical, as a seriously injured rider may no longer be able to work in their chosen profession or work at all. The financial damages related to lost wages, lost earning capacity, and other economic losses will be part of a claim or lawsuit. Non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and loss of quality of life, are given a dollar value in an injury claim or suit.

Compensatory Damages in Left-Hand Motorcycle Accidents

The damages sought in a personal injury case related to a left-hand turn accident will vary based on the injuries and the long-term impact on the motorcyclist. In many of these accidents, the injuries are severe, catastrophic, or fatal, and the compensation pursued will be of high value. In such a case, you need to ensure you are represented by a skilled, experienced attorney with a track record of positive outcomes. At Emerson Law LLC, our attorneys are listed as Top 100 Civil Attorneys in Indiana. We are confident, experienced, and dedicated to pursuing fair compensation for the people we represent.

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