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Making Divorce Easier for Kids

By James Emerson on October 17, 2021

Divorce can be hard for kids. It’s not their fault, but they are still affected. There are things you and your spouse can do to help your kids through this difficult time.

No matter how you and your spouse feel about each other, you should both be able to agree that you want to do what’s best for the kids. After you file for divorce, you will want to shield them as much as possible from the negative feelings that both of you are experiencing.

It helps to be proactive. The ideal scenario is one where you and your spouse sit down together and come up with a strategy to protect your kids as much as possible.


Keep the Messy Part Behind Closed Doors

We know it isn’t easy, but don’t argue with your spouse in front of the kids. Make plans to meet and talk about the divorce outside the home, such as at a restaurant or coffee shop. That way, you won’t have to worry about saying anything that could harm your children.

You should always be careful what you say about your spouse in front of the kids. Don’t ever disparage your spouse in front of the children. Your spouse is always going to be your children’s parent, and your spouse is the only other parent your child will ever have You want them to be able to maintain a positive image of your spouse even if you can’t.


Find Somebody to Talk to

Of course you feel bad. You have invested your heart and soul in a marriage that didn’t work out. It’s only natural that you’re going to want to vent. Don’t vent to or around your children. They pick up more than you think.

Finding the right person to talk to about your divorce can be difficult. If necessary, you may want to seek out professional guidance. There’s nothing wrong with this. It can be very comforting to find an objective person to talk to.

Family members are a wonderful source of support, though sometimes it can be tricky talking to them about your divorce. They may have strong feelings about your spouse. And if you disclose the intimate details that lead to the divorce to them, they may speak negatively about your spouse in front of your children. It is your responsibility to counsel your family members not to disparage your child’s other parent in front of them.

Friends can often be more understanding than family members when it comes to divorce. They’ll be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, and they know how to listen without telling you what your problems are.


Spend Time with Your Kids

Your children really need you right now. Spending time with them will make them feel better and it can also help assuage their feelings. Don’t talk to them about your divorce, ever. Just see a movie, go for a walk, or play some games together. This can provide the best type of relief for all of you.


Take Some Time Out for Yourself

Self-care is always important, but it becomes crucial during a divorce when your stress levels can get pretty high. If possible, try to arrange some “me time.” It can be really helpful to go to the gym, visit a spa, or spend some time in a natural setting such as a park or hiking trail. Do anything you can think of to get some essential rest and relaxation, including time to have some fun with friends. You should also remember to take care of your body as well as your spirit. That means exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep.


We’ll Take Care of the Divorce—You Take Care of the Kids

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