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Taking Effective Photos After an Automobile Accident in Indiana

By Jill Bracken-Emerson on October 7, 2021

An automobile accident is a very traumatic event. There’s a lot going on, with first responders providing care and working to get traffic back to normal. You will probably feel disoriented, but, if you can, it’s important to take photographs of the accident scene, the people involved, the damaged vehicles, and any injuries you or the passengers with you may have sustained.


It is essential to use the camera on your smartphone to document the collision. If you don’t feel up to it, you might want to ask a friend or bystander to do it. These photographs will help show the insurance company why you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. They will also be valuable in court.


Why Pictures Are So Important

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is definitely true with accident scene photos. Without these pictures, it will be your word against someone else’s. If you have to go to court, your attorney can use these photos to establish important facts about the collision. This can be crucial to prove who was at fault.


Photographs are also important for documenting the extent of the damages to your vehicle and any injuries you suffered.

What You Should Shoot

Here are some shots that will be most useful to you:


  • Take pictures of your injuries. As soon as possible following the accident, make record of all noticeable injuries. You will want to continue to document your injuries throughout the medical treatment and recovery process, including any procedures you undergo and all the steps in the rehabilitation process. That way, you can tell the story about the pain and trauma you went through.
  • Take pictures of all vehicle damage. This includes your own vehicles and other cars, trucks, or motorcycles involved in the accident. Take pictures from a variety of angles and make sure to capture the damage both inside and outside your vehicle. You will want to be able to establish the destruction that occurred during the collision, and prove it wasn’t due to earlier incidents.
  • Take pictures of everyone involved and their insurance information. Besides determining who was involved in the accident with you and their physical condition immediately following the collision, you will also want to snap photos of everyone’s insurance information to make it easier for your attorney to contact them and their insurance companies as the process unfolds.
  • Document the accident site and weather conditions. Road hazards and debris and weather conditions such as rain and snow can play a major role in causing a collision. It is important to document this by taking photos.
  • Take pictures of any damaged or obscured road signs or traffic signals or tree branches blocking the view. If tree branches are interfering with the driver’s view of the road, the landowner may be held responsible for the injuries you have suffered.
  • Use a variety of angles and perspectives. You will want to get pictures of the entire accident scene, including any skid marks and broken glass. It’s also essential to take close-up and medium-distance photos of all vehicle damage.



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